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A little about me

I live in Los Angeles and I have been working with diamondback terrapins since 1998.  Turtles have been a passion of mine since the late 80’s.  I have been so fortunate to have worked with over 30 species of turtles and diamondback terrapins are by far the most amazing turtle out there.  They have so much more personality than any species I have worked with.  They seem to have just about no fear of humans and rush to see you as soon as you enter the room.

In 1998 I shifted nearly all of my turtle hobby to focus on diamondback terrapins.

While I am blessed to breed these wonderful turtle I am still just a hobbyist.  I breed all of my turtles out of my house.  I don't have hundreds of turtles in fact truly the opposite I have a very manageable size group

I have performed speaking engagements at local California Turtle and Tortoise Club chapters, Turtle Shows and public schools.  Beside breeding diamondback terrapins I am also passionate about educating people about this incredible turtle.  Many of my diamondback terrapins have made their way into museums, education centers and zoos around the world.

A Huge Thank You

To my wife and two boys who support me and my crazy turtle hobby.  Also I can’t thank all of my customers enough for allowing me to continue with this hobby that I love so much.

Jonathan Helms 


Neo Terrapin

This is a friend of mine's diamondback terrapin website.  It has a lot of information on diamondback terrapins and many pictures of them. tests  kerkje

Diamondback Terrapin Working Group

This site was formed by individuals from academic, scientific, regulatory and private institutions/organizations working to promote the conservation of the diamondback terrapin, the preservation of intact, wild terrapin populations and their associated ecosystems throughout their range. The Diamondback Terrapin Working Group is committed to and supports research, management, conservation, and education efforts with the above goals in mind. 

Turtle Forum

Turtle Forum is a great place to learn about all types of turtles.  They have a very active forums on all different species of turtles.

Austin's Turtle Page

Austin's Turtle Page is a great site for any turtle lover.

Diamondback Terrapin eGroup

This yahoo eGroup is dedicated to spreading and sharing knowledge about diamondback terrapins.

Albino Planet

This is another website of mine.  It is full of information about Caramel Pink RES.  Unfortunately this site is still Flash based and doesn't work on mobile devices.