Juvenile Tank Setup

70 to 100 gallon aquariums work great for juveniles.  I prefer wet-dry filters but you can also use two AquaClear 300 filters or canister style filter if that is your preference.  A 200-watt Ebo-Jager submergible heater, set at 82F will be enough to keep the water at a stable 82F.  For lighting I would suggest 100 watt ZooMed PowerSun UVA/UVB basking bulb, they provide great UVB coverage.  I use wooden boards for basking platforms.  

Once my males reach 4.5 inches I move them over to my adult setup.  This normally only takes only a year.  For my females I move them over when they reach 6 inches.  In general it take them about three years to reach 6 inches.

In this tank I currently using a Clearchoice PF1 for the water filtering, a 150 watt Ebo-Jager Submergeable heater and a 100 watt ZooMed PowerSun bulb for basking.