Hatchling Tank Setup

I keep my hatchlings in 10 gallon or 20 gallon aquariums.  Each tank has a 300 AquaClear filter.  These filters do a good job of keeping the water clean and they are fairly easy to clean.  For heating I use a 50-watt or 75-watt Ebo-Jager submergible heater set to 85F.  Warmer water helps keep their appetite strong and keeps them growing at a good rate.  

ZooMed basking platforms work great for hatchlings but they will grow out of it within about a year.  A 100 watt ZooMed PowerSun bulb is great for uses in the basking area.  

I normally start feeding them in a separate feeding container once they are about 2.5 inches long.

Here are a couple of my older 10 gallon setups. Note: I am no longer using cork in my setups.

Here is one of my older 20 gallon setups.

Overview of older hatchling setup.