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My 2014 Diamondback Terrapins are sold out for the year! 

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Diamondback Terrapin World is your number one source for everything related to Diamondback Terrapin (malaclemys terrapin) care and husbandry.  This site has been completely rebuilt from the ground up to allow mobile phone and tablet users an optimal experience. Not only has the site been completely redesigned but all of the information has also been updated.

The Pictures section has been nearly doubled in size and now has over 600 photos of diamondback terrapins, more than any where else online.  Diamondback Terrapin World also has a wealth of information including: breeding, feeding, health care, and tank setup tips.  All of these sections were revised during the website remodel.

Please checkout the Availability section for the most up to date information on diamondback terrapins for sale and to reserve a spot on the waiting list.

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